27 October 2007

Magic Bullet, Single Shooter...

The folks over at MLG would like you to believe the death of Spartan, Skyllus vBi, on Last Resort, a suicide. Well Hitler always said, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it....

I submit to you, that "magic bullet theory" is real. This was not a "suicide", but was in fact a conspricy that was carried out by fanatical and disciplined "cold-warriors" in the Pentagon and CIA's covert operation aparattus. A public execution carried out by like-minded individuals...

Watch closely... back and to the right. baack... and to the right...BACK. andtothe right...

Camera: Model 414 PD Bell and Howell Zoomatic
Medium: Kodac Kodachrome II 8 mm
Location: Zanzibar, East Africa

04 October 2007

What We Do In Life, Echoes in Eternity...

LANFest is upon us, it is time to show your colors...

Proudly display your Halo 3 Emblem for all to lament its meaning as they lay, dying, nothing more than a sponge for your bullets....

Rubine (Fuschia) Colored
Inverted Pentagon background
White Tomcat symbol
Yellow Bow-Tie

And tomorrow, remember team! Always do for the team, becuase you are a part of the team. And the team is a part of you. Also, Team. TEAM, TEAM, TEAM.


01 October 2007

"Boss Stage 2: Rise of Hypno-Rachnid"

Name: Enraged Hypno-Rachnid

Found on: Level 65, aka Truck Yard.

Weaknesses: Undetermined

- Upgraded Laser Eyes (x8!)
- High Climb
- Web of Deception
- Enrage (The cause of the enraged size is yet to be determined but scientist believe it has something to do with cognac)