29 November 2007

Fatwa of the Cubicle Gangsta

From this point forward, in addition to blogging about videogames and the culture that surrounds it, lets start blogging about tech and gadgets and the way that they interweave within our lives.

We, of the Hello Kitty BubbleGum DeathSquad, are constantly exposed to myriad wondrous technologies here on our secret island lair. Whether it be a new death-ray, weather machine, EMP disruptor, cell phone, or the hottest new laptop. We *do* love games too, but we should take the opportunity to share all of this other very cool stuff we run into on a daily basis.

So by my decree, we shall double our traffic of infidel jackal subscribership. So thats like, i dunno, 5(!) additional infidels!

and so shall it be...

Now if you will excuse me, i need to see if my pants are dry.