28 January 2008

50 Years? OMGWTFHAX!

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Lego's. Those little bastards have made it to the big Five-O.

It's funny to me because just the other day I was in Target, (LOL), and happened to stumble across the Lego aisle. It brought back memories of all the buckets of random pieces that I had accumulated over time. And of course stepping on a Lego in the dark and having it pwn your poor foot. Spending hours and hours making these wonderful masterpieces only to have someone break it.

But now things have changed...

As i strolled down the aisle i noticed something extremely different about the Lego's. there were less pieces???

Why I asked my self?

And that's when it hit me,
America has grown stupider, so Lego has made there puzzles easier.

It's a sad day now to know that for 50 years they had to change their product to support the ever growing stupid people of America.

-I digress

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Cubicle said...

whatever loser! AMERICA RULEZ YOO DROOLZ! I think Lego has reduced the number of pieces cuz to improve efficiency and stuff. That and with fewer moving pieces you get reduced manufacturing costs and an improved production possibilities frontier (PPF):


or something. and then the invisible hand moves in and BAM! you have $800 an ounce gold and $90 a barrel crude oil and the freakin' Clampetts are getting stinking rich while you fight for a cheerio in the streeet and then there's a complete implosion of the economy and everyone goes crazy and you're thinking "OMFG! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" but then a stranger comes to town named Max and he defeats Master Blaster in the Terrordome... and none of this would have happened if it weren't for those freaky-deaky dutch bastardz. And those damned Clampetts, yeah.. they're going to get what's coming to them...

juss sayin.