16 February 2009


Finally(!) I had some time to vanquish of one of the most disturbing aspects of all technology: Cable Clutter.

After reading a couple of Instructables on DIY cable management, I was inspired and got to work immediately. Okay, almost immediately?

Instructables:cable management

Instructables:mount power strips and power supplies

So here we are...

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.

"Dem cables iz shit, innit?"

12 count Binder Clips (Large) - $3.99 and a legal size wire paper tray - $8.99 (I already had bent it into the shape I wanted before realising I should take a photo. Oops.


Hooks installed under desk.

"Man goes in the cage. Cage goes in the water. Shark's in the water..." Wait, what? I mean... Put the big pile of shit into the basket.

Binder Clips (Large) with screw and washer... you see where this is going?

Cage is hung from hooks. Cables are held by binder Clips (Large) which are screwed to underside of desk.



Donovan said...

bitchen, "Cubical Gangsta's Cable Works" is born

ja liebe said...

good to see the death squad is still doing it's duty..

Anonymous said...

That's fancy! The second to the last photo makes me dizzy!

-Guess who

an82ndVet said...

This comming from the same guy who used to stroke out when I put a power cable within 12" of a ethernet cable? Simon, set the way-back to 2002...

Me- "Justin, those cables look like crap... Velcro them together."

Justin- "No WAY! If we cross the plasma streams, we'll open a time space vortex that will implode the universe!"

Me- "no, we won't. It's just two cables."

Justin- "OMG- I need to change my depends. What have we DONE???"

CubicleGangsta said...

ROFLMAO @ an82ndVet's comment.

82nd: To be honest, I still still agree with Egon and say it's bad idea to cross the streams!

In fact, in implementing this project, I ran the data and power as two seperate bundles!

You kill me!