23 February 2009

Synergy, a software based KVM

Just a quick vid to demonstrate the setup and use of software based KVM, Synergy. Synergy allows you to share a keyboard and mouse (say from your desktop) to other PCs (like a laptop).

Synergy is an FOSS app available for Windows, Mac OSX, and *nix OS @ www.sourceforge.net or through your friendly neighborhood linux repository.

There are many blog outlets featuring a post on Synergry, but Tombuntu.com, IMO, has the most complete review and setup instructions.


Of special note:

- When setting up the client machine (from the server) you must use the name of the machine, not the IP.

- when setting up the server (from the client) use the server's IP.

- Also, this app functions over TCP/IP which is not secure (there are ways to secure it (ssh) that I have yet to read into or implement.


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